Friday, February 27, 2009

Calling all Mean Moms

Any mean mom's out there? You know, mom's that make their kids eat vegetables? That have fixed bedtimes for their kids? That monitor their kid's television watching? I am proud to say that I have earned this title and then some!!!! Each time Kate tells me that we "are different", I pat myself on the back and smile. I know I am doing a good job!!!!! I have stumbled upon the funniest blog. I relate so well to each post that I wonder if she is writing about my family! I spent a good hour the other night reading and reading and reading this blog and LAUGHING MY GUTS OUT!!!!! I will warn you however, I think it is funnier the more kids you have and the older they are.
So, the next time you have a big chunk of free-time (ha ha), and really want a good laugh check out this blog.....

She is even running a contest to see who the meanest mom out there is. HILARIOUS! One mom wrote in that she was trying to keep her kid from running into the busy street but her arms were full, so she did the only thing she could. She swung her purse as hard as she could at her child, knocking her to the ground!!!! Love that mean mom!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

It all started with shoes! Where else would it start with me :o} My sister Ann had the cutest espadrille wedges from Charlotte Russe and I bought a pair too about a year ago. I don't shop there often since C.R. is about 10 miles from us. I was shoe shopping on the other night and came across this shoe to the left and fell in love with it. Of course, it was a clearance shoe and only left in size 10. I looked at and other sites and couldn't find them. I checked to see if Charlotte Russe had something similar and I found the exact shoe! Fraction of the price and quality but I couldn't pass it up. I went there yesterday and found TONS of cute tops, accessories and shoes. I will post some of the cute finds. I bought these shoes and this pink top.

Here are some other cute finds. Yes, you have to dig since they have a lot of "barely there" clothing items :o) I think C.R. does a REALLY good job of including all the designer elements and details in their accessories.
These look just like Chanel sunglasses
These look like Ray Ban sunglasses

Here are a few tops that I thought were really cute (my taste may not be yours!)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Few Household Helps

I just bought some Snack Traps at Babies R Us. They are a great alternative to snack bags or cups with lids. The snacks don't fall out and it's easy for little kids to get their fingers in them.

I've blogged about these hangers before. These are the kid hangers and I bought them at Target. I threw away all the pastic hangers in Brooke's closet and put everything on these velvet hangers. Gymboree shirts used to always fall off hangers. Not anymore! Click on this link to see if the pink ones are available at your Target; or this one for the blue ones. They also come in yellow. Click here to see.

My friend Ashley gave me a set of these dryer balls. I still use Downy because I love the smell but I also use these for extra softness. Here are the claims:

Save money and energy when you use Dryer Balls with your laundry. Tumbling in the dryer, the Dryer Balls lift and separate laundry allowing efficient airflow and cutting your drying time. Their soft tips massage fabrics giving you softer and fluffier clothes without using chemicals found in fabric softeners and dryer sheets. They also significantly reduce lines and wrinkles. And Dryer Balls last for years so you can use them over and over. Includes 2 Dryer Balls.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Napoleon Perdis Lip Gloss--Free!

Sign up for the Napoleon Perdis Club and receive a limited edition Protege Lip Gloss (a $25 value) for free!

Once you sign up, you will receive a voucher by mail which is redeemable for a free product at a retailer near you. Napoleon Perdis is available nationwide in Ulta stores and other retailers.