Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PB&J made Fun & Easy

I know we all probably don't need anymore kitchen gadgets but here are a couple worth having (you'll see what I mean, Mir, when Tess is asking for PB&J at all 3 meals!!) I use these on a daily basis. First of all, I love the PB&J spreader. It's $8 from Williams Sonoma. One end is for jelly and the other is for peanut butter. No more jelly streaks in the peanut butter jar! Brooke loves "circle sandwiches" and this cut n seal is from Pampered Chef for $9. It seals the pb&j in the bread by crimping the edges together. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hungry Anyone?

Why do I have a feeling that many of my posts will be about food? Alas, here are a few of my favorite guilt-free (ok, reduced-guilt) treats!


I've been all about Trader Joe's this summer--that place totally rocks. I've loved nearly everything I've tried from them. Really good stuff! (I don't think they have one in Denver, Laur--sorry! I'll have to bring over some muffins when you come out for Christmas!)

Their muffins are a great breakfast treat! I recommend:

Trader Joe's Blueberry Wheat Bran Muffins 80 cal/0.5 g fat/5 g fiber/4 g protein
High Protein Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins 100 cal/9 g protein

And these are too die for!


These ice cream sandwiches come in lots of delicious flavors, but I like the sugar-free vanilla sandwiches. These are decadent at only 140 calories/2 g fat/4 g fiber. I haven't liked the other Skinny Cow products as well.


Made with yogurt instead of oil, these yummy brownies are 120 calories for a 2x2 in. brownie. My favorite is Mint (or the regular with a couple drops of peppermint extract added).

Friday, July 25, 2008

FUN Books

These would make GREAT gifts and they are available in a lot of states and cities on Amazon (click to see complete list of states) but here are a few: