Monday, April 12, 2010

Smelling Sweet!

This is my all time favorite deodorant.  FAVORITE!  It does everything that you want a deodorant to do.  It goes on well.  Works all day.  Works all day.  Works all day.  Any questions?!  Oh, and it also has a pleasant, subtle smell.  And, one stick lasts a very long time!  The first day I wore it, I felt like I could smell it all day, but no longer.  I don't notice it at all.  Nordstrom used to carry it for $17.00.  During their anniversary sale, it was always marked down to $12.  But now, they have lowered the price permanently!!!!  

This has been my gift of choice this past year.  I bought many, many sticks and have given it for every birthday lunch/dinner/celebration I have been to.  It has become my signature gift and a bit of a joke.  There are no hidden meanings when I give this gift.  It is just truly, "one of my favorite things."  But the best part is, the recipients have all LOVED it as much as I do.  Many of them are on their second stick! 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Party in a Bottle

I love Deborah Lippmann nail polish. It stays on the longest of any nail polish I've tried. I especially love this new fun glitter color called, "Happy Birthday." It's a fun toe color for spring/summer.