Tuesday, September 23, 2008


1. Clothes

Let's start with the most important. Clothes. Because lets be honest girls, if we don't feel cute while working out, what's the point? This is the BEST line of workout clothes. Luluemon. I discovered it last December in the pro shop of a fancy/shmancy gym. I just thought they had cute tops and bottoms so I bought a few pairs. I really didn't realize what a great purchase I had just made. Until I started working out in them. These are the most durable, long lasting, well-made, CUTE workout clothes out there! I immediately went online and found that there were stores with the full line in San Fran and Newport Beach. You can bet every time I am in either location, I stock up! (I just did this past weekend! yippee!) So, check and see if there is a store in your area. And if not, keep checking! They are great! (and sooo cute!!!!)

2. Yoga
I am so into yoga right now. I have been doing it religiously once a week for two years now, but I just kicked it up a notch. A new yoga studio opened two minutes from my house and they heat the room to 95 degrees!!! I was very sceptical. I had heard about this, but thought it was really weird to workout in such heat, on purpose! But, I went to a free trial class and gave it a shot. It is WONDERFUL!!! I am sold! I am a heated/yoga junkie! I must say that I have NEVER sweat like I do in that class. The sweat is literally dripping off my body and it looks like I just jumped into a pool of baby oil. But it feels sooo good to sweat like that! I actually crave it. The yoga masters say that is is very detoxifying and cleansing and good for the body and skin. I dunno, I just know that it feels good!!! Also, when we workout in a heated room, you can get into deeper stretches. Mind, body, soul, meditation, breathing. It is my weekly therapy. I am a JUNKIE!

3. Garmin

These just keep getting better and smaller every year. I got a Garmin GPS for Mother's Day last year and I never leave home without it, when I'm running, that is. This little watch tells me my running pace, how far I have gone, how long I have been working out, my heart rate, my calories burned, where to go! (turn here etc!), and as you can see, the date and time! I can also workout with a "virtual training partner" and so many other things that I haven't even tried yet. This GPS/watch has definitely changed my workouts. Now when I run, I am very much aware of how fast I am running. And it has pushed me to many times go farther or longer. If I get to the end of a run and let's say I ran 5.8 miles, I will keep going until I hit 6, just because! Or if I have burned 380 calories, I will keep going until I hit 400. You get the idea. I guess I like my numbers nice and neat! But hey, it pushes me to do more!

So there you have it friends. My exercise thoughts for today. I went to yoga this morning and am full of the exercise spirit! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Favorite Airline

This past weekend I rode on a new airline for the first time, Virgin America. I was very impressed. I kind of felt like I was a character in the cartoon The Jetsons, I was in the future! There are pink lights running along the inside of the plane and the walls are clear purple plastic! They call it mood lighting! Besides the (interesting) color choices, they have thought of everything and are unlike any other airline out there! Their prices are great right now too!

Fun facts:

First Class. The chairs in first class recline to an almost horizontal position! The seats in coach are spacious and comfortable. All seats are covered with leather made by Ferrari!

The creators of the Ipod designed the in flight entertainment system. Each seat has it's own TV screen that also acts as a touch screen. In your arm rest is a remote control. On your TV, you can listen to music, play games, read, watch TV or movies, SHOP!!, or order fresh food! It's crazy! You can also chat online with other passengers on the plane! Or email or text. I'm telling you, its very progressive!

Each seat also has a 110v plug so that you can plug in your computer.

See if they fly in your area! It's a trip! (pun intended!)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Halloween at Target

Target has really outdone themselves this year with Halloween decorations. They are the cutest I have seen in years. Everyone needs to go check them out. You will think that you are at Pottery Barn Kids! here's a link