Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time to Get Crafty

Last year, I had a few friends over the night before Thanksgiving to make wreathes. I am going to make that night a yearly tradition. It would also be fun to do this for Xmas in July. I found a wreath at Pottery Barn (on the right) that I used for my inspiration. I am now looking around for inspiration for this year's craft. I am liking what I am seeing! Ann and Mir, I've found some projects for you!!

Craft Idea for Ann:
Ann's whole house has a beach theme and I LOVE how she's incorporated that into her Christmas tree. I love your beach tree, Ann!! I found these shell Christmas trees at Neiman Marcus that would be really easy to make. Click here to see a bigger picture.

Craft Ideas for Miriam:
Two things: since you know how to sew (right?!?!) , pillows like these would be cute. However, they are only $20 so it's probably cheaper to buy them. They are from Neiman Marcus and so are the cute red trees. These trees reminded me of your decor. Here is a link for the trees.

Ideas for Me (Laura) :

These are both from Pottery Barn. The one to the left is a grouping of oversized ornaments, hung outdoors. The retro ornament trees would be easy to make too.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

90% Off at

There are only a few more hours left on this great deal from They sell discounted gift certificates to restaurants. For example, a $25 gift certificate usually goes for $10.

But for the rest of the day, their gift certificates are NINETY PERCENT OFF! That means you can get a $25 gift certificate for $1!

Each restaurant sets their own terms--some require that your bill total at least $35 to use a $25 certificate. Others set restrictions on dates the certificate can be used. Most are good for one year after purchase.

So check it out and see what's available near you!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Don't Have to Pay Full Price @...

Several months ago, I was in Express, buying a lot of clothes. I know they send out coupons but I didn't have one with me. I went to the check out and asked if I could get a discount without having the coupon in hand and she said she'd give me 20% off!! SCORE! I was in there tonight and found these jeans (to the left)that I really liked. My friend had a $30 off a $75 purchase coupon. I asked at checkout if they could give me a coupon deal on the jeans even though I didn't have one. He asked me if I had seen any discounts in particular. I told him my friend had a $30 off coupon and he said he'd give it to me too. SCORE AGAIN. Express has EXCELLENT customer service in my book. Stores usually won't give discounts without a coupon but Express will!