Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day-a Favorite Holiday for Sure

Happy Valentines Day!!  I hope everyone is having a lovely day.  We had a very yummy and festive breakfast this morning for my teenage daughter and four of her friends who had spent the night.  Three of the girls had parents who were out of town and the fourth was invited for good measure.  :)

They needed plenty of nourishment after their day yesterday
-hiking to a waterfall and playing in the creek
-ordering pizza for dinner and then hot tubing when the sun dipped
-watching a movie
-and then finishing off the evening with a dance party

I LOVE teenagers.  I love having them in my home.  They bring an energy and happiness and whole new level of fun.

On the menu this morning:
heart shaped chocolate chip bagels and two flavors of cream cheese
glazed donut holes
orange juice
mango sausage
turkey sausage links
fresh strawberries
and a box of chocolates for everyone

As soon as I packed all of Christmas away, my house felt so lonely without all of the Christmas cheer.  So I decided, why wait?  As I put away Christmas, I decided it was high time to celebrate Valentines Day.  On January 2nd!  Out came the Valentines Day decorations.  So we have been enjoying the red and pink for a lovely month and a half.

I needed something to hang and so I made these paper hearts.  Easy and cute!

 I switch this artwork out in my hallway each season or holiday.  I am on the lookout for some really neat vintage Halloween prints if anyone comes across any!

It has been a beautiful and SUNNY day today.  My flowers are starting to fill in around all the nooks and crannies of my rocks.  And tonight I have a date with my husband to my favorite restaurant!  

Happy Valentines Day!!

Is it too early to get out Easter decorations?  I am watching the grocery store shelves for my Brach's jelly beans!  Another FAVORITE that only comes once a year. :)