Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pearl Swimwear

I have found a fantastic line of swimwear! Everybody may already know about this...but I just discovered it! I was invited over to a friend's house for a private showing with the designer herself! We are so lucky that she lives in Laguna Beach! :) I tried on all her suits and she adjusted them on me, critiqued them, and then chose the best! Her suits are modest yet not frumpy!!! They are classic and incredibly flattering with a great style.

The suit I bought is like wearing a girdle underneath a swimsuit. I have a heck of a time getting it on but then it sucks it all in and looks fabulous! At first, I was a little skeptical of the lower cut legs, but I am sold! They are so flattering. Her suits have a 40's feel to me. I wore one to the beach and received so many compliments. What more can you ask for? :) The suits are different and so cute! Unlike anything else out there on the market. And very well made. Check them out...

She is starting to get a celebrity following too!